2018 CMA nominee Luke Bryan reveals the meanings behind his greatest hits

In an interview with "GMA," Bryan explained the messages behind his lyrics.

Following his nomination for CMA entertainer of the year, Luke Bryan is sharing the meaning behind some of his beloved country songs.

In a recent interview with "Good Morning America," Bryan revealed the meaning behind the lyrics of his hit song, "Most People Are Good."

"I believe you love who you love," he said. "Ain't nothing you should ever be ashamed of."

"Love is a precious thing and you should never be ashamed of who you love out there," Bryan said. "What I never truly foresaw about performing 'Most People Are Good' is how spiritual it feels in my concert."

He went on, "I see people hugging each other ... I feel a lot of love."

With all of his accolades, the most important title for Bryan is that of family man — so much so that he's written a song to his sons, titled, "Pick It Up."

"My boys will watch their dad and watch his actions, and pick the good things up," Bryan said.

"When I'm in that truck and the boys are in the back, they always wanna hear 'Pick It Up,'" he explained. "They're understanding that old dad wrote a song to them, they like that."