Actress Felicity Huffman seen in prison uniform, green jumpsuit and white hat

Huffman was sentenced to 14 days in prison for the college admissions scandal.

October 21, 2019, 8:20 AM

Felicity Huffman was seen wearing a green jumpsuit and white hat while her husband and daughter visited for family day amid her federal prison sentence.

The actress, 56, reported to a Northern California prison last Tuesday for a 14-day sentence after she pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the massive "Varsity Blues" college admissions scandal.

A video showed Huffman walking in a parking lot outside as she passed by security guards to meet her husband, actor William H. Macy, and her daughter, Sophia Grace Macy.

The actress is serving a 14-day sentence for her role in the “Varsity Blues” college admission scandal.
The actress is serving a 14-day sentence for her role in the “Varsity Blues” college admission scandal.

Former federal prosecutor Tony Brass told ABC News that the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California, about 25 miles southeast of Oakland, where Huffman is located, "is almost a camp."

"Minimum security prisoners enjoy the luxury of being minimum security prisoners," he said.

Huffman is allowed to work on a pre-approved hobby craft such as crochet, origami or scrap booking.

Her meals include Bran Flakes for breakfast, breaded fish sandwiches for lunch and Salisbury steak for dinner.

Huffman -- who was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in the 2005 film "Transamerica" -- pleaded guilty on May 13 and acknowledged she paid $15,000 to arrange for a college entrance exam proctor to correct her daughter Sophia's SAT answers and for her daughter to be allowed more time to take the test.

On March 13, a federal indictment was unsealed with charges for 50 people, including Huffman and more than 30 other wealthy parents, in the largest college cheating scam ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice.

Huffman is one of 51 people entangled in the college admissions scandal. Fifteen other parents facing charges have maintained their innocence.

Also indicted was actress Lori Loughlin -- best known as Aunt Becky on the sitcom "Full House" -- and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, who are fighting charges that they paid $500,000 to get their two daughters, Olivia Jade and Isabella, into USC as recruits for the university's crew team despite the fact they'd never participated in the sport.

ABC News' Bill Hutchinson contributed to this report.