Adele opens up about dating after divorce

The singer is currently dating sports agent Rich Paul.

November 17, 2021, 5:23 PM

Adele is ready to release "30," her first new album in almost six years.

The album chronicles her divorce from Simon Konecki and the emotional toll it took on her.

"It really helped me [to make] this album," she told Apple Music's Zane Lowe in a new interview, revealing that she "really went to hell and back" when recording "30."

The singer, 33, also revealed that dating after her divorce was another kind of hell, which she sings about in the track, "Can I Get It." The song, she said, is about her realizing how fame made dating harder, forcing her to abide by a new, strict set rules to protect herself.

"First of all, LA is not the f---ing place to go dating when you're Adele," she scoffed, noting that she was not into the city's hookup scene. "I've left my marriage to go forward, not to f---ing go backwards."

The "Hello" singer admitted that, after her divorce, she had "never been this well-known and been single" at the same time, because she had been with someone after releasing her earlier albums, "19," "21" and "25." "I just never experienced ... dating as a grownup really, but also everyone knowing who I am," she said.

Adele added that she shot down the idea of using apps such as Tinder because she "can't be going out with strangers." The Grammy winner eventually learned how to navigate the dating pool and began asking out people she "hadn't seen since I was a lot younger" who sparked her interest "as an adult."

Adele is currently dating sports agent Rich Paul, who represents basketball star LeBron James.

"30" arrives Friday. Adele treated fans to another teaser Wednesday, releasing a video performance of a new song, "To Be Loved," on Twitter.