Aretha Franklin seen like never before in new documentary 'Amazing Grace'

Here's what you need to know about the powerful film.

Aretha Franklin is getting the documentary treatment the icon deserves in the new film "Amazing Grace."

In a preview clip of the upcoming film about the "Respect" singer and 18-time Grammy winner, you see her way back, almost 50 years ago, making her legendary album, "Amazing Grace," released in 1972. The album still stands as her best selling record ever.

It's a candid look at the singer working on her music at 29 years old.

"She was there to sing, she was there to perform; it wasn't about the cameras, it was more about the music," Sabrina Owens, the singer's niece, told ABC News.

In the film, you'll see the likes of Mick Jagger jamming out to Franklin's music and people sobbing watching her do her thing. Franklin died last summer after a battle with pancreatic cancer. She was 76.

"She was very empowered and you heard that in her music all of the music she put out just to project how strong she was as a woman and to give other women the sense that they could be strong," Owens added.

"Amazing Grace" hits theaters April 5th.