This artist posts beautiful illustrated recaps of 'The Bachelor' on Instagram

Sarah Baumann's drawings give the show a whole new look.

It’s the show covered, analyzed and recapped episode by episode by hundreds of media outlets each week. It’s ABC’s "The Bachelor," which recently saw more than 7 million viewers tune in to watch Colton Underwood jump the fence.

But if you love recaps, this Instagram feed is sure to catch your eye.

Sarah Baumann started her “Bachelor” franchise Instagram recaps in the summer of 2016 during JoJo Fletcher’s season of “The Bachelorette,” sketching major moments on her iPad as they happened live on TV.

“I would post on my Instagram feed the funniest scene and people really liked those,” she said.

As the storylines got bigger and more outrageous, Baumann wanted to capitalize on them the best way she knew how.

“This is so ridiculous, I just want to sketch it out like a comic strip and it has spiraled from there,” she added.

The Texas native explained that she loves working on illustrations and many of her followers have told her they can still engage in conversations after swiping through her Instagram stories even if they haven't watched the most recent episode.

The following became a little online community.

“I like talking and connecting with people. I feel like I'm watching the show with a million people,” she said.

But drawing isn’t just a hobby for the recent graduate. Baumann decided to commit to her craft full-time, starting her business Signet Sealed in 2016. There, she is mostly known for her city prints, which include illustrations of major landmarks across the country.

“It can feel strange to look around and only see a few other people doing what I'm doing at my age, but I feel so lucky that I started when I did,” she said.

As for doing other show recaps, Baumann said she’s looking into live TV events such as the NCAA’s Final Four. But for now, you can catch her recaps of “The Bachelor” finale on her Instagram, @SignetSealed.

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