'The Bachelor' recap: Hannah B. is gone for the moment and 3 more women go home

But her presence is still felt around the mansion.

On Monday’s episode of "The Bachelor," we learned that Hannah B. will not be joining the other ladies in the Bachelor mansion ... at least for now. However, she and Peter are no closer to figuring out the status of their already complicated relationship.

However, with the Hannah B. situation on the back burner for the moment, another scandal is about to throw the mansion into chaos. More on that later.

After last week’s emotional conversation with Hannah, Peter revealed to the nine women he asked on a group date what exactly happened between him and the former Bachelorette backstage, at the same theater where the ladies were preparing to each tell a personal story about a previous sexual encounter in front of a live audience.

He also admitted that he is not "in the right head space" to continue the date, but promised to catch up with them at the cocktail party after he took some time to "gather himself."

The women, however, were not optimistic that Peter would actually show up and questioned whether he’s really over Hannah or if he's even ready for a new romance.

At the party, he urged the ladies to put the day’s events behind them and start fresh, and while they’re skeptical at first, they eventually came around.

After a round of conversations, it’s Sydney who gets the group date rose.

Monday’s episode also gave us our first good look at Kelsey, who Tammy described as "a hot mess." At the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party, she reveals her plan to pop an ultra-expensive bottle of Dom Perignon champagne that she’d been saving for a special occasion, and decided her conversation with Peter was the perfect moment.

That moment, however, was ruined, first by Mykenna, who whisked Peter away before Kelsey could get his attention. Then, in what appeared to be an honest mistake, Peter and Hannah Ann popped the cork, thinking the champagne was put there for them.

Kelsey didn't believe it was an accident and lets Hannah Ann have it in a profanity-laced rant. The argument is over for now, but the hostility between them is still going strong.

At the second rose ceremony, Courtney, Lauren and Payton are sent home.

The next group date included Alexa, Mykenna, Natasha, Deandra, Lexi, Victoria F., Kelsey and Hannah Ann, who are treated to a shopping spree at the trendy Hollywood clothing store REVOLVE, after which they modeled clothes for former "Queer Eye" fashion expert Carson Kressley, former supermodel Janice Dickinson and Raissa Gerona, REVOLVE’s chief brand officer. There was $20,000 worth of REVOLVE clothing on the line for the winner.

The task proved especially challenging for the shy and reserved Victoria. After a little help from Kelsey and a swig of wine, however, she puts her best foot forward.

Turns out Victoria has more sass than she realizes, and is one of the show’s standouts, along with Hannah Ann, the latter of which is ultimately voted the winner.

Despite the second-place finish, though, Victoria still struggled with her confidence, and in an emotional conversation with Peter, she tells him she’s "not cut out for this." She also wonders if the competition is worth sacrificing her mental health. Peter convinces her to stick it out and gives her the date rose.

Meanwhile, Hannah Ann hasn’t put the "champagne scandal" behind her, and decided to tell Peter about the confrontation between her and Kelsey, saying she felt “bullied.” Kelsey, in turn, argued that Hannah Ann puts on a different face when she's with Peter and that she’s the troublemaker.

The episode ends with Peter having the difficult task of trying to figure out who the instigator truly is and which one is the real victim.

"The Bachelor" continues Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.