Take it from Busy Philipps: Achieving #MomGoals is tougher than Instagram makes it look

Busy Philipps shares her secrets to success as an actress and mom.

Busy Philipps is just as busy as you think she is. Between writing her new book and gearing up to host a new late night talk show on E!, the actress still finds time to be hilarious on Instagram, especially when it comes to her daughters Birdie and Cricket.

The actress is the epitome of #MomGoals. Her posts are raw, real and hilarious.

"I appreciate that people are like, 'You're so honest and you're so open' and I am, but I'm not showing you everything," Philipps told "GMA." "It's about control and I'd like to be the one that controls the images of my children for public consumption and I'd like for it to be a decision that I make with my husband and our daughters."

Philipps just shared a photo of her 5-year-old daughter Cricket's first day of kindergarten.

"I'm going to start crying!" Philipps said about her daughter's milestone. "Cricket is still the baby but she's ready. She's so smart."

Philipps said she works hard to raise daughters who are strong, smart and grounded.

"I really try to encourage them to work hard and that hard work is rewarded," Philipps said.

Philipps said her back-to-school secret is all about providing them with a balanced and healthy lifestyle. That's why she partnered with Tropicana Kids, an all-new line of premium organic fruit juice drink.

"Because I have daughters, I don't want them to ever get hung up on wondering, like, 'How many calories does that have?' We talk a lot about balance and it's important for our girls to do healthy things for their bodies," she said.

While we love seeing photos of Birdie and Cricket on Instagram, "GMA" dug up some childhood photos of Philipps herself and turned the spotlight back on her. Here's the advice that she had to give to baby Busy.

1. You end up where you end up.

"I hate it when pretty people talk about how nerdy they were when they were kids but I have proof," Philipps said with a laugh.

Philipps said she was not particularly good at sports and would tell her teenage self that you end up where you end up.

"Thank God the theater called!" she exclaimed.

2. Surround yourself with people who keep you grounded.

Philipps grew up in Arizona and said she spent a lot of her teenage years at dance parties. After her sophomore year of college, she left school once she was cast in "Freaks and Geeks."

"I think it was really valuable for me to go to college for those two years," said Philipps. "It gave me a grounded space to exist in Los Angeles while I was trying to pursue acting."

3. Be true to your dreams.

Philipps was all smiles when we showed her this picture of her 2-year-old self with her mom.

"My mom's a really incredible person," she said. "She's really strong and she always raised me to believe in myself and to be truthful to following my dreams."

That's something Philipps tries to instill in her own daughters.

"She always supported me. No questions asked," she said of her mom.

4. Hard work is rewarded.

Philipps got super emotional when we showed her this pic of her and her daughters.

"I'm going to start crying!" she said. "It does feel like just yesterday that I had (Cricket)."

Philipps said Birdie and Cricket are attending new schools this year.

"I try to really encourage them to work hard and that hard work is rewarded," she said.