Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell are making 'Big, Big Plans' to marry 'as quickly as we can'

Lane opened up about the couple's wedding plans.

After asking fiancée Lauren Bushnell to marry him on Father's Day, Chris Lane doesn't expect they'll waste any time tying the knot.

"I think we'll try and move on it as quickly as we can when the time feels right," he told Entertainment Tonight. "I know she's the one that I want to spend my life with and I think she thinks the same exact thing. So hopefully we don't have to wait too long to start that."

The "I Don't Know About You" hitmaker said he'll stay out of the wedding planning and leave the work mostly to Bushnell and both their moms.

"I don't get a lot of time off on the road," Lane explained. "I'm out with Brad Paisley right now… My goal will be to stay out on the golf course and kinda let her do her thing and stay out of the way."

He does intend to help pick the person who marries them, though, and admits he may even lean on some of his famous friends when it comes to the music.

"Nobody's offered yet, but I definitely have a few ideas of potential people that I might want," he teased. "So I may be sending out some texts here in the next couple of months."

Since Bushnell was on "The Bachelor" and Chris has long been a fan of the ABC franchise, he also revealed that a reality show could even be in their future.

"I think if the timing was right and it was everything that we wanted it to be and we had somewhat of control over it, I 100% think that we would definitely consider doing so," he said.

"Big, Big Plans," the song Lane wrote for his proposal, is available to stream or download now.