'Clueless' star says he thought classic would be 'worst movie ever'

Donald Faison looks back the movie that made him a star.

October 2, 2019, 4:25 PM

Donald Faison did not think "Clueless" would be the critically acclaimed film and classic it later became.

In fact, the actor who starred as Dionne's boyfriend, Murray, said he thought it would be terrible.

"I didn't think 'Clueless' was gonna be a big movie," he told Justin Long for his "Life is Short" podcast. He added he thought it would "the worst movie ever."

He also didn't know who Amy Heckerling or Scott Rudin was, so he didn't know it had some pretty big names behind it.

Rudin is actually one of the only producers to have an EGOT - Emmy, Grammy, Tony and Oscar wins.

In fact, he thought the lines in the movie were "crazy," so for the audition, he drew inspiration from his buddies.

His nuanced jokes from several sources worked and got him the role.

"'Keeping it real' came from me," he said. "I heard it in my neighborhood."

"We were all literally kids," he said of the cast, adding the jokes came from honesty. "Paul [Rudd] was the only one in the cast who could drink at the time."

He later revealed that the first time he legally got a drink was with Rudd and Alicia Silverstone. What a story!