Comedian Jermaine Fowler on finding his passion, starring in 'Sorry to Bother You'

Comedian Jermaine Fowler opens up about finding his passion.

When comedian Jermaine Fowler was performing at local open mics in Times Square, he had no idea he would be an announcer at the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, sell his own comedy special, or share a screen with Armie Hammer.

Fowler says he originally got into comedy to pursue his acting career. “I got into to standup because I wanted to be an actor and then I ended up loving standup for the next eleven years,” he told "Good Morning America."

Even though it wasn’t originally part of his goals, comedy always came naturally to Fowler. “I had a very humorous mother and father and I always loved making little sister and little brother laugh a lot. It was a natural thing that I wanted to do,” he laughed.

He immediately fell in love with his ability to be unscripted. Fowler believes comedy gives him freedom to speak his mind. “It’s like raising a child in a way you have a joke that’s a raw idea and you have to groom it over time. It’s probably the most beautiful part about it.”

Fowler premiered and starred in his own comedy special "'Give ‘Em Hell, Kid" on ShowTime in 2015, a feat many around him doubted was possible. “Looking back that was on the most awesome things that I’d ever done and I’d employ every young comic to try it out, owning your material and body of work.”

Fowler who also starred in the CBS comedy "Superior Donuts" is now starring in "Sorry to Bother You," alongside actors Tessa Thompson, Armie Hammer, Lakeith Stanfield and Steven Yeun.

The comedian describes the film as a pivotal moment in his career. “It was the first movie I’ve ever done. It was very monumental. I got in stand up to do movies but when I got the gig I was nervous,” he said.

While the moment was something he always dreamed of, he now has bigger goals and dreams. “There are still things I want to do and I can’t celebrate too hard yet.”