Country star Thomas Rhett shares what he's learned from having 3 daughters

"Each child really does need that one-on-one time," he said.

Thomas Rhett is more than just a country star: He's also a proud dad to three young girls, each of whom is quickly growing into their own distinct personality.

Willa Gray, 5, is the oldest of the bunch, while Ada James is the middle child at 3 years old, and Lennon Love -- who turned 1 in February -- is the youngest.

The country singer reflected on some of his favorite aspects of parenthood and what he's learned from being a father to three daughters during a recent interview with People.

"I just love getting to spend one-on-one time with each of them, which is something that I didn't think was really important before," he said about his daughters.

"I just thought as long as the five of us were together, we were good," he continued. "But I think the longer I've gone as a dad, it's like each child really does need that one-on-one time -- in the same way that Lauren and I just need time with each other."

Rhett then discussed how his three girls differ from one another.

"Willa Gray is a mother spirit, a nurturer spirit," he said. "If Ada James or Lennon is crying, she's the first one over there to be like, 'Are you okay? Do you need your blanket? Want me to get you a bottle of milk?'"

But his two younger children are a little feistier, the singer admitted, describing his middle daughter as "extremely sassy."

"The first person to say, 'Hey baby, let's go get on our pajamas,' gets 'Well, I don't really want to right now.' And then you've got Lennon, who's just starting to talk, and she's just as much of a firecracker as Ada James," Rhett said, adding, "They're all so different, yet they're all so loving, and they all have their own unique personalities."

While his girls might be little for the time being, the singer said he knows they aren't going to stay that way forever.

He reflected on life as a parent in songs like "Remember You Young" and, more recently, "To the Guys That Date My Girls," which comes off of his new album, "Country Again: Side A."