'Dance Moms' alum Kelly Hyland opens up on breast cancer diagnosis

"She's going to get through this!" daughter Brooke Hyland told ABC News.

May 30, 2024, 1:17 PM

Former "Dance Moms" star Kelly Hyland has been diagnosed with breast cancer, her daughter, Brooke Hyland, confirmed to ABC News.

Hyland, 53, has invasive carcinoma stage 1, grade 3, meaning the cancer "will probably grow and spread faster," according to the American Cancer Society.

"Since releasing the news to the public— the love & thoughts pouring in my mom/family's direction has been incredible," said Brooke Hyland in a statement to ABC News.

"There is so much support in her corner, we couldn't be more grateful. She's going to get through this!" the statement continued.

PHOTO: "Dance Moms" alumni  Kelly Hyland has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
"Dance Moms" alumni Kelly Hyland has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
Courtesy Brooke Hyland

Kelly, Brooke, and Paige Hyland starred in "Dance Moms," last appearing in season four of the show about kids competing in the intense dance world.

E! News interviewed Hyland and her family, first reporting the story on Wednesday.

Kelly Hyland told E! News the first signs that something was wrong came in the form of "significant weight loss."

"I lost enough that others noticed and would ask for my dieting hacks, but there was nothing I had changed in my day-to-day to cause the loss," said Kelly Hyland.

Kelly Hyland attends "Dance Moms: The Reunion" Premiere Event & Red Carpet at Moxy Hotel on April 25, 2024 in New York City.
Bonnie Biess/Getty Images, FILE

When she spotted a lump on her chest, she booked a mammogram.

"I had just had one done eight months prior and the results came back clean. However, this new mammogram and sonogram did not, it came back showing a mass," Kelly Hyland said.

Hyland said she set up a phone call with her kids Brooke, Paige and Josh Hyland to deliver the news. "I wanted to tell them at the same time and make sure they were all given the same information," she said.

Hyland is undergoing her second round of six total chemotherapy treatments, E! News reported and Brooke Hyland confirmed.

Brooke Hyland, a "Dance Moms" alum, shared a photo of her mother in a hospital bed on Instagram when the news was revealed on Wednesday. "Confident that cancer has no idea who it's messing with. I love you, mom," the caption read.

"She is the strongest woman I know and I am confident that she will come out on top of this and I will be there every step of the way. She has so much love and support in her corner!" Brooke Hyland told E! News.

Paige Hyland and Brooke Hyland recently sat down with "Good Morning America" to reflect on their time filming "Dance Moms."

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