'Dancing With the Stars' pro Britt Stewart on escaping the bottom 2 and this week's special performance

Check out Britt Stewart's latest weekly journal installment.

Britt Stewart is currently competing on season 29 of "Dancing With the Stars" alongside two-time Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir and she is documenting the experience for "Good Morning America."

Ahead of week 7's competition, tonight at 8/7c on ABC, Stewart, the show's first-ever Black female pro, reflects on landing in the bottom 2 last week and their team's mindset going into tonight's battle on the dance floor.

Here is her latest installment.

Well ... Week 6 for Team Brijo did not go as planned. We opened the show with an upbeat and sassy salsa. It was not our best performance so far in our journey, but both Johnny and I felt strongly about what we did on the ballroom floor and the tone we set for the rest of the show!

We were proud of our performance, but unfortunately, were disappointed by the judges' scoring. Although I disagreed with the scoring of our salsa, I ultimately always respect the feedback and critiques from the judges, and use it moving forward into the next week.

The biggest shock was that we were in bottom two at the end of the night! Even though we will miss Vernon and Peta, Johnny and I were relieved and so grateful to have been saved by the judges. Neither of us is ready for this journey to end.

Each week, Johnny has been progressing and growing so much. He has been exceeding my expectations and I want to continue to share him and his journey with our audience. I admire Johnny. He dares to be different, and is always his unique and authentic self in his performance, interviews and costuming. I do my best to showcase that in our choreography.

We both started rehearsal Tuesday on fire, with energy from being in the bottom two still running through our veins! We want to be back on top and are going into this week of rehearsals with that in mind.

This Halloween-themed week -- "Villains Night" -- we are doing a Viennese waltz to "Creep." This is a song that is extremely important to Johnny both professionally and personally.

Johnny's skating program to "Creep" is one of his most beloved and requested performances and one that is very special to him. Beyond that, he is personally connected to this piece of music. This song celebrates individuality and the beauty in being different! Can't be more Johnny than that!

I have a lot of pressure to do this song justice with my choreography. I'd like to bring the essence of Johnny's skating performance into the dance while also bringing a fresh "DWTS" take on the song that Johnny's fans won't necessarily be expecting!

Similar to the contemporary, Viennese waltz seems more comfortable to Johnny. It flows and moves us across the floor as if we were skating. He's really able to apply his beautiful upper body movement and glide throughout the dance.

This Viennese waltz will be beautiful and graceful with an eerie twist, perfect for the Halloween-themed week. Johnny will be dressed as Dracula! Yes, there will be blood and a bite fit for a vampire waltz!

I am always so proud of Johnny, but this week I find myself even more impressed by him. With the disappointment of us being in the bottom two and while starting his regular job commentating figure skating, he has been able to maintain focus, and be present and committed to his "DWTS" journey.

He is so strong and passionate about everything he puts his effort into, and I can't help but be inspired by him!

With all that's going on, I have started to do breathing and grounding exercises with Johnny during rehearsal to help support him and all that he is working on.

I can't wait for you all to see our Viennese waltz. We would love your votes and we are going to give our everything so we aren't in the bottom again!

Time to get creepy!