Dierks Bentley talks 'Gone,' new music and singing with his daughter, Evie

Bentley said Evie "definitely has a much better voice" than he does.

July 23, 2021, 1:15 PM

Dierks Bentley thinks his latest hit, "Gone," is quite "special."

The tune, the first single off the country singer's upcoming tenth studio album, was recorded and released during the global pandemic and some may think the title really stood out as he was looking for his next big song.

"It's probably the one word that really summed up the year for most people," he told "Good Morning America." "But then I love that the song was actually about a relationship, because I don't think anyone wants to drive around listening to a song about COVID."

Watch Dierks Bentley perform "Gone" on "GMA":

Bentley, 45, said he wished there was a sure-fire method to making a hit song, adding that "there's some intangible thing about music ... I guess that's what we love about it."

"It just has to be a level of authenticity mixed in with the right hook and melody and lyrics that touch your heart," he explained. "It's a formula that you can't come up with mathematically. You just have to trust your gut when you hear something, believe in it and hope other people feel the same way."

Over his nearly two decades in the industry, Bentley said he has learned that it's often the songs that are most personal to an artist that make it more universal among fans.

As for when fans can expect his new album, the "Somewhere on a Beach" singer said he's "still tweaking it" and that fans should expect it "sometime this fall."

Watch Dierks Bentley perform "Somewhere on a Beach" on "GMA":

In the meantime, they can catch his "Beers on Me" tour, which he said will be filled with a lot of celebrating, fun and a sense of euphoria.

"It's just about going out there and just being present with the fans," he told "GMA." "It's kind of like a victory lap. We made it through this and we're out to the other side again and live music is happening and we're on the road."

This year also marks the 18th anniversary of Bentley's self-titled debut album and his first No. 1 hit song, "What Was I Thinkin'."

"That was a crazy time back then. It's weird, I sing that song every night and it still feels brand new," he said. "A lot of things haven't changed ... and a lot of things have. Having a family now and three kids, I'm a totally different version of myself, but it's pretty easy to tap into that kid that wrote that song."

Since his start, Bentley has married wife Cassidy in 2005 and together they have welcomed three kids -- 12-year-old daughter Evalyn "Evie," 10-year-old daughter Jordan and 7-year-old son Knox. Evie, for one, has expressed an interest in music and even performs with her dad on occasion.

"Evie has a great natural voice and she loves theater," Bentley gushed about his eldest daughter's musical talents, before adding that he thinks it's "important for kids to be kids" so they're not pushing anything. "I want her to just explore it on her own terms."

"But it really is a gift to get a chance to play music together on stage," he continued. "It's just so fun to look over there and see your daughter sing. It's ridiculous. We'll see if it goes somewhere, but she definitely has a much better voice than I do, that's for sure.