Donny and Marie Osmond officially announce end to their longtime Las Vegas show

The last performance in Las Vegas will be in November.

March 21, 2019, 8:43 AM

Donny and Marie Osmond are one of the most well-known dynamic duos in entertainment but they will take their final bow in Las Vegas this November.

"It's been rumored that we're bringing 'Donny and Marie' to an end here in Las Vegas. We're here to say it's official," Donny Osmond told "Good Morning America" about their run at Flamingo Las Vegas. The decision was "very, very hard," he noted.

The siblings have been on stage together for over 40 years.

They started out with their Friday night TV show smash hit "The Donny and Marie Show," which had 14 million viewers at its peak.

"I think that there's a unique chemistry," Marie Osmond said. "And people love that sibling sound."

Even backstage their intrinsic brother, sister nature comes out.

When Marie was asked about the budget going towards her wardrobe and shoes, the star retorted, "Well he [Donny] doesn't pay for Jack -- It's all me."

She said some fans have "waited their entire life" for the chance to see them, which will make it hard to say goodbye.

"They've come from all over the world to see us here in Vegas," Marie said.

The Osmond siblings said their show got them through some rough times.

"We have been through so much the last 11 years. Her particularly," Donny said. "And she gets on stage and she's such a professional. She does a great job. I'm gonna miss this a lot."

Marie added, "I have been through a lot but he's been my rock. I went through a terrible divorce here ... and a terrorist custody battle ... and I lost a child here."

Donny, 61, hailed her ability to power through hardship for the sake of their show.

"What she's gone through and still remained a professional and goes out there and performs for the audiences," he said. "There's a bond here that will never be broken."

Marie, 59, called her brother "sweet" but joked that she's the only one allowed to mess with him.

"You know each other's buttons. And I'll never let anybody hurt him. Just me," she said with a laugh.

How will they end the show?

"I have no tricks," Donny said. "I'm just gonna get out there and I'm gonna have the time of my life."

He added, "It's the end of the Donny and Marie show. It's not the end of Donny and Marie."