Dwayne Johnson sends encouraging message to little girl fighting cancer: 'Keep singing, honey'

Indy's parents said their daughter has watched the video "at least 15 times."

Dwayne Johnson may have turned 49 on Sunday, but he spent the first moments of his big day bringing joy to a little girl battling a rare form of cancer.

His outreach was inspired by the viral video of 4-year-old Indy Llew Jones, who was born with Down syndrome, lip-syncing along to "How Far I'll Go" from Disney's "Moana," which Johnson starred in as Maui.

Indy's parents, Terah and Brian Jones, shared the inspiring video to Instagram last week.

The "Jumanji" star posted a response to the video, explaining in the caption, "Swipe left - It’s 1am and I just got sent this beautiful vid of a VERY special & strong little girl named Indy Llew."

"Stay strong honey and keep singing your songs! Love you, MAUI," he added.

Johnson admitted that little Indy might not have any idea who he is: "It's totally cool, but I was in 'Moana.' I'm Maui! I know, where's my hair?"

The upcoming "Jungle Cruise" star then sang a few lines from the song "You're Welcome," before signing off with, "I want you to stay strong, Indy, and you keep singing, honey."

The video ended with him blowing Indy a kiss and promising, "Maui loves you!"

Indy's parents reacted to the sweet surprise via their Instagram stories, writing, "This means so much." They added, "Every night before bed Indy asks daddy to sing 'You're Welcome.'"

They also shared Indy's adorable reaction to Johnson's message, showing how she giggled over being called "special" before revealing that she has watched his message "at least 15 times."

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