Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber release new single 'I Don't Care,' fans naturally freak out

The duo previously collaborated in 2015 on the hit song "Love Yourself."

Attention, Beliebers and Sheerios: The time has come that you've all been waiting for.

Both singers took to Instagram Friday morning to announce the debut of their collaboration. The song dropped at midnight.

"It's out now. I don't care," Bieber captioned his post.

Sheeran took an alternative approach by posting a video, which displays lyrics to the song as it plays.

Fans have obviously taken to social media to voice their excitement for the song.

Some sharing stand up and cheer gifs.

Others ... well, you be the judge.

Here's a few more.

News broke of the pair's latest collaboration on social media earlier this week, leaving fans waiting in anticipation. Bieber also hinted he had new music dropping soon during his surprise appearance during Ariana Grande's set at Coachella in California last month.

The duo previously worked together on Bieber's hit acoustic song titled "Love Yourself" in 2015, which Sheeran co-wrote.