Emmy winning 'The Handmaid's Tale' tackles motherhood in season 2

The award-winning dystopian drama returned to Hulu this week.

The second season of the Emmy-winning drama "The Handmaid's Tale" is now streaming on Hulu, and show creator Bruce Miller said motherhood is the theme for the new season.

"How in difficult, complicated, strange, circumstances, how can you be a parent?" Miller said. "How can you be a mother?"

While that may sound pretty dark, Miller has another word for it: Resistance.

"Resistance I think is more, I feel like that is much more of a theme than darkness," he said. "I don't find it more dark, I find it, the fact that she survives, more encouraging."

As for the prospect of following up the dystopian drama's hugely popular freshman season, Miller called it "terrifying."

"I mean I think when you, whenever you get any accolades, you know on the one hand you're incredibly proud and incredibly honored by all the people who gave it to you," he explained, "and then also terrified that you're going to screw it up."

"But compared to the fear of screwing up the book in the first season, I'll handle this," he added. "This'll be easier."

ABC Radio's George Costantino contributed to this report