'Golden Bachelor' recap: Gerry connects with women over shared grief, lost love

"She could be my life partner," Turner said on one of his dates.

October 5, 2023, 9:00 PM

It's only week two of "The Golden Bachelor" and Gerry Turner is already making strong connections with each of the women competing for his heart.

On this week's episode, the women moved into the mansion, one of them went on the first "Golden Bachelor" one-on-one date, and Gerry, 72, went on a group date with several of the women. He also celebrated his birthday.

"I'm not gonna lie, I can't say I've been this nervous since my first date back in my high school years with Toni," Gerry said ahead of his dates.

Gerry Turner's journey continues! The golden bachelor and his ladies embark on the series first dates. Plus, the leading man has a 72nd birthday to remember, and the second rose ceremony of the season proves no less emotional than the first.
John Fleenor/ABC

Gerry feels "promise and hope" after first one-on-one date

Theresa, 70, from Shrewsbury, New Jersey, went on the first one-on-one date with Gerry.

Before the date, the financial services professional opened up about her first love, her late husband Billy, whom she married when she was 18. Like Gerry's first love Toni, Billy was Theresa's high school sweetheart. They were married for 42 years.

Theresa said that before her husband died eight years ago, he told her he hoped she would find someone and get married again.

Gerry picked Theresa up at the mansion in a light blue, vintage convertible. While it was a rocky start getting to the date on California freeways with broken headlights, Theresa helped Gerry through it.

"This is my first time driving on a California freeway and Theresa reaches over and puts her hand on my shoulder and I instantly felt calm," Gerry said. "She seems very sensitive and I really wanna know more about her."

While on their date at a 1950s-themed diner, Theresa's story about Billy touched Gerry, who told her that he understood what losing a spouse feels like. The two talked about the loneliness that comes with it and their desire to share moments with someone else.

At the end of the date, which ended with a flash mob in the middle of the diner, Gerry told Theresa that he has hope he'll find someone he can "enjoy the rest of my life with" and gave her a rose.

He added, "Theresa could be the person I spend the rest of my days with. So, she could be my life partner and I think it would be very comfortable."

Gerry goes on a group date

Several women in the mansion went on the first group date of the season where they got to live out the fantasy of being on the cover of a romance novel. Gerry surprised them with a photoshoot where they were able to dress up and pose for a photo with Gerry.

Tensions ran high when Leslie, 64, didn't get the '70s outfit she wanted after Natascha, 60, grabbed it first off the rack.

While it was a fun activity for the women on the date, it was an emotional one for Nancy, 60, who opted to wear a wedding dress for the photoshoot. The retired interior designer from Alexandria, Virginia, broke down in tears after the dress brought up the memory of her wedding to her late husband Mark, who died 12 years ago.

Gerry told her that he related to Nancy's story and recalled a time that the smell of cinnamon reminded him of Toni. "It just comes out of nowhere," he said.

Nancy told Gerry that while she felt sad, "there's joy in remembering" and that she "still has hope moving forward."

During the group date, Gerry said he was starting to learn more about each of the women on a deeper level. He also shared a sweet moment with Leslie, who revealed that she wore hearing aids like Gerry.

In the end, Gerry gave Nancy the group date rose, following their connection over the loss of their loved ones.

"None of us want to go home yet"

Before the rose ceremony, the women celebrated Gerry for his birthday with a surprise party at the mansion.

Susan, 66, made chicken piccata for the party, while Natascha surprised Gerry with a piñata and Jeanie, 65, gifted Gerry with a bottle of wine.

Faith, 60, who received the first impression rose last week, pulled Gerry aside after not being invited to go on the group date. She shared how she was feeling with Gerry after being in the mansion with all the women so far.

Gerry also shared a special moment with Joan, 60, who opened up about her late husband, and Ellen, 71, whom Gerry surprised with a framed portrait from their group date.

At the rose ceremony, Gerry shared that he had "high, strong feelings" for each of them. Before handing out the roses, he said he knows the process is working.

The golden bachelor and his ladies embark on the series first dates. Plus, the leading man has a 72nd birthday to remember, and the second rose ceremony of the season proves no less emotional than the first.
John Fleenor/ABC

Gerry was in tears after giving out the last rose and said goodbye to Peggy, Natascha and Jeanie.

"It's somber, the feeling is just overwhelming," Gerry said after the rose ceremony.

The women who remain include Leslie, Joan, Edith, Ellen, Sandra, Susan, Kristina, Faith, April and Kathy.