'Golden Bachelor' recap: Gerry plays pickleball, gets to the bottom of drama in the mansion

Here's what happened this week on "The Golden Bachelor."

'Golden Bachelor' recap: Gerry plays pickleball, gets to the bottom of drama in the mansion
October 19, 2023, 9:28 PM

On this week of "The Golden Bachelor," Gerry Turner is faced with difficult decisions as he comes to terms with his feelings for each of the women in the mansion.

He also gets to play his favorite sport.

"I'm fired up today. I get to play pickleball and I get to spend quality time today with my amazing women. I don't know what could be better," Gerry said.

"I wonder why they call it pickleball"

For this week's group date, Gerry invited Ellen, Sandra, Susan, Nancy, April, Theresa, Kathy and Faith to play his favorite sport: pickleball.

Gerry enlisted the help of Trista Sutter and upcoming "Bachelor" Joey Graziadei for the date.

Former Bachelorette Trista Sutter and upcoming Bachelor Joey Graziadei appear with Gerry Turner on "The Golden Bachelor."

During the date, Ellen, an avid pickleball player, was in her element as she warmed up on the court. However, some women, including Susan and Sandra, had never played before.

"I wonder why they call it pickleball, I don't quite get that," Susan said. "It's a game and there is a ball, I don't see the pickle."

While all the women vied for Gerry's attention during the date, April took another approach after she "fell" and stole some time with Gerry.

Sutter shook things up when she announced a friendly tournament among the women. After asking them to split themselves up into teams, she revealed that the prize for the winning team would be a photoshoot with Gerry for the cover of InPickleball magazine.

Ellen's experience on the court paid off, as it led her and Kathy to victory, after a match against Susan and Nancy. Ellen and Kathy celebrated by each giving Gerry a kiss.

"This man is something different"

After the pickleball tournament, the women convened for the cocktail portion of their date. Sandra, who was missing her daughter's wedding, was the first to have one-on-one time with Gerry.

"This is something that my daughter and I discussed for a long time. She said, 'Mom, I've got my guy. I want you to go get yours,'" Sandra said to Gerry about her daughter.

Gerry said he was flattered by this, and surprised Sandra with a phone call to her daughter.

"Don't kiss and tell"

Meanwhile, following last week's drama between Theresa and Kathy, Theresa pulled Kathy aside again to make sure things were good between them.

Kathy reminded Theresa again to "please not tell me anything about what's going on" between her and Gerry. "It's a matter of being kind and thinking, 'Gee, will that hurt her feelings?'" Kathy said, and added, "Zip it."

Theresa assured Kathy she didn't mean anything malicious by her behavior.

During her time with Gerry, Theresa told him about all the drama happening between her and Kathy. Gerry got down to the bottom of it all with his one-on-one with Kathy but told her he was "unhappy" to see a rift unfolding between her and Theresa.

After hearing from both women and spending time with the others, Gerry's one-on-one with Sandra left an impression on him the most, and he gave her the group date rose.

"My heart runneth over"

Right before the rose ceremony, Gerry surprised the women by showing up early to the mansion and asking Susan to chat with him. Susan hasn't had a one-on-one date yet and said she knows how crucial time with Gerry is.

In their moment together, Gerry surprised Susan with rose quartz. Gerry told Susan that rose quartz is attributed to empathy and strength -- two qualities she has and that remind him so much of his late wife, Toni.

Gerry also had several moments with some of the women, including Ellen, who told him she couldn't remember the last time she felt this way about a man. She also didn't want to let the opportunity pass her by and told Gerry she's "falling in love" with him.

"To hear her say the things that she just did, she makes me think back to the last time that someone looked at me like that and said those things to me," Gerry said. "The last time that happened was with my wife of 43 years."

"My heart breaks right now"

After his conversation with Ellen, Gerry realized how some of his connections with certain women were much further along than others. Nancy also had the same feeling in her conversation with Gerry, and the two came to a mutual understanding that they didn't have one.

Nancy's departure from the mansion immediately after was a difficult moment for Gerry, but also for the women, who were in tears.

When it was time for the rose ceremony, Gerry said that each rose has "increasing significance with every week" and knowing all the women has "made me a better man."

Gerry Turner on "The Golden Bachelor."

At the very end, Gerry sent April and Kathy home.

"I am who I am and people either like me or they don't, but I mean, look at this, who can say no to this?" Kathy said in her final interview before leaving the mansion. "Rejection's not fun. I mean, I might burn the house down before I leave, but you know..."

Here are the women who remain: Ellen, Faith, Sandra, Leslie, Susan and Theresa.