'Grey's Anatomy' stars share their all-time favorite episodes and more behind-the-scenes secrets

The show will become the longest-running primetime medical drama ever.

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February 27, 2019, 8:53 AM

Tomorrow night the beloved series "Grey's Anatomy" will become the longest-running primetime medical drama on TV, and in honor of the milestone, the cast members reflected on some of their most memorable episodes.

Over the past decade-and-a-half that "Grey's" has been on the air, there have been plane crashes, train crashes, boat crashes, runaway brides, post-it weddings and so much more. Here is what the stars say their favorite episodes are.

Chandra Wilson, or Miranda Bailey

Chandra Wilson took it all the way back to the beginning, saying the 2005 pilot episode of the series was her favorite.

"Cause I feel like that's the one that established what our show was going to be," Wilson said.

Ellen Pompeo, or Meredith Grey

While there were so many iconic moments from the cast to choose from over the years, one episode that kept coming up was the season 2 powerhouse, "It's The End of the World," which was viewed by a whopping 38.1 million people and featured a heart-stopping bomb scene.

Ellen Pompeo revealed a stunt woman performed that part "where Meredith gets blown back."

"They attached ... like a vest to her and then they would attach this cable to the vest and they'd pull her back as this bomb explodes," she said.

"The stunt woman filmed the scene ... banged her head on the floor and got a concussion and ... got taken away in an ambulance," she added. "And then the director said, 'OK, Pompeo, you're up.'"

Pompeo said she'd think twice if she was asked to do the same stunt now.

"The big difference when you're 33 and when you're 49 is today I would have said 'No way!'" she said.

Krista Vernoff, screenwriter

Screenwriter Krista Vernoff had a quick answer: the season 2 episode that landed her an Emmy nod.

"I just re-watched the episode that I got nominated for an Emmy for, which was 'Into You Like a Train,'" she said. "That's probably my favorite episode."

She adds that it was also her favorite because Christina Yang was "running around the hospital looking for a leg."

Kevin McKidd, or Owen Hunt

For Kevin McKidd, his favorite episode was when his character tied the knot during season 12.

"I like that episode where ... we got married and you ran off in the rain," he said to his onscreen wife, Caterina Scorsone.

Caterina Scorsone, or Amelia Shepherd

Scorsone, agreed, saying, "That was such a nice wedding, once they got me back!"

Jesse Williams, or Jackson Avery

Jesse Williams said one of his "favorite story lines was around family and parenthood."

"He didn't have a dad growing up and going to chase -- going to find him, but sometimes you gotta be careful what you wish for," he said of his character. "In that episode we did in Montana -- was a really pivotal moment for him and his growth."

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