Hailey and Justin Bieber's puppy destroys their Christmas tree

Celebrity puppies: Just like ours.

You often have to plan your tree decorating around pets -- specifically, over which ornaments you don't want them to accidentally destroy.

Hailey Baldwin caught her four-legged interior designer in action, filming him as he scampered over several beyond-repair ornaments.

She wrote on her Instagram story on Sunday, "I called it the 'trinket tree' cause all these ornaments look like little trinkets."

She zoomed in and showed off the little snowmen and Santas safely tucked between the branches. In a separate photo of their decorating efforts, she joked, "We tried!! lol."

But the tree didn't stand a chance against Oscar, who obliterated everything his little mouth could reach and left the evidence strewn about their house. It was obvious the little Yorkie was in dog heaven as he excitedly bounced around to greet his mom and show off his "handiwork."

Justin Bieber purchased Oscar just days before Christmas of last year as a gift for Hailey, and she dubbed the pup her "Christmas baby."

He might be sporting a new holiday nickname now, thanks to his recent shenanigans.