Jennifer Garner says her pup Birdie wants to be a therapy dog at children's hospital

Garner said this is one of Birdie's wishes for her upcoming 9th birthday.

February 29, 2024, 2:37 PM

Jennifer Garner is revealing one of her dog Birdie's biggest wishes ahead of her 9th birthday.

In an interview with We Rate Dogs published on Feb. 28, the "13 Going on 30" actress shared that her beloved golden retriever "wants to read some new books for kids" ahead of her special day.

"Speaking of kids, Birdie's a therapy dog and she just got a promotion to work at Children's Hospital Los Angeles," Garner shared. "So she's excited. She wants to have her first time at Children's Hospital LA before she turns 9."

"She's a very good dog, a very good girl," she added.

Garner also revealed some of Birdie's other wishes for her birthday, including wanting "to eat an entire string of cheese -- the whole thing."

PHOTO: Jennifer Garner and her dog Birdie are seen in an interview with WeRateDogs.
Jennifer Garner and her dog Birdie are seen in an interview with WeRateDogs.

Some of Birdie's other -- loftier -- goals are to visit a Parisian bistro, to swim in the Olympics, to skydive, to sing with the Metropolitan Opera, to stop biting her nails and to go on a date with President Joe Biden's dog, Major.

"She has a big crush," Garner spilled.

The "Alias" alum also opened up about why we as humans love dogs so much.

"Because they love us," she answered. "Because they're kind. They show us kindness and loyalty and a lack of judgement."

Garner added, "I think that you love something in the act of caring for them, so because dogs need us to care for them, we form that bond in that way."