Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey celebrate 'The Wedding Planner' 20th anniversary

The two also made a pact to reunite for another rom-com soon.

January 27, 2021, 10:36 AM

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of "The Wedding Planner," stars Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey virtually reunited to reminisce about the romantic comedy.

Hitting up Instagram Live on Tuesday, the two expressed disbelief over the movie's major milestone, with Lopez, who played Mary Fiore, in complete disbelief they made the film together back in 2001 with director Adam Shankman.

McConaughey, who played Dr. Steve "Eddie" Edison, retorted, "Not when you say it like that. Twenty years, I was doing the math. That's a while ago."

Both agreed that "it still feels like yesterday" that they were filming together, which brought them to reflect on the movie's finale -- the big kiss scene.

Lopez, 51, shared a cute anecdote about how McConaughey, also 51, acted like a complete gentlemen before they shared their on-screen kiss.

"Do you remember doing that scene where you were about to kiss me," she smiled. "You said, 'Ms. Lopez, I'm going to kiss you now.' And I was like, 'OK, let's do it. Let's kiss.' I remember that clearly."

Another scene Lopez remembers fondly is when their two characters meet for the first time -- where Eddie rescues a trapped Mary from being hit by a runaway dumpster and they fall in love.

After saving Mary from certain disaster, Lopez revealed that Eddie utters her favorite line in the entire movie, "You smell like sweet red plums and grilled cheese sandwiches."

"It was just that idea of her fading out and kind of like this Prince Charming just rescuing her and her saying, 'You smell like grilled cheese and plums,'" she laughed. "It was just so real."

The two-time Grammy nominee then sweetly added, "I so enjoyed working with you," calling their time together "magical."

The two also made a pact to reunite for another rom-com soon.

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