'Jersey Shore' reboot airs tonight, cast promises to 'live it up'

"Yes, we are 100 percent 'Bad Moms,'" JWoww said, referring to the 2016 film.

JWoww, 32, told ABC News ahead of the show's premiere why they decided to return now.

"I think for us it was perfect timing because our kids were a little bit older [and] we're very secure in our relationships," she said.

Snooki, 30, chimed in with a laugh, saying, "Knock on wood."

"You see all the shows coming back like 'Will and Grace,' 'Roseanne' and we're like, 'Why don't we do a comeback?' Like, I feel like we were a big thing back then," Snooki continued.

The Situation added that the cast reunited because there "was a void in the TV game ... for probably about five years since we've been absent."

So, has adulting -- and motherhood -- changed Snooki or JWoww? It doesn't look like it.

Jenni agreed, saying: "Yeah, I had to live it up."

Guadagnino quipped, "You think young kids party hard? You should see moms that have been cooped up in a house."

"Jersey Shore" originally aired on MTV from December 2009 to December 2012. In this latest installment, the cast enjoys "a family vacation," Ortiz-Magro explained.

"Yeah, and that chemistry that you've seen from the other seasons of 'Jersey Shore' that didn't go away," Pauly D said. "It's still there."

The Situation agreed, saying, "It took that absence of time to make us miss each other and you'll see that."