Julia Louis-Dreyfus opens up on battle with breast cancer and final season of her hit show 'Veep'

"The outpouring of support was quite overwhelming."

March 25, 2019, 9:35 AM

Julia Louis-Dreyfus will soon bid farewell to her character Selina Meyer as the hit show "Veep" enters its final season.

Louis-Dreyfus stopped by "Good Morning America" Monday where she referred to the show's end as a "creative decision. Saying goodbye to the cast and crew was a "bittersweet" experience, she admitted.

"The final episode I walked in...I saw Tim Simons who plays Jonah Ryan on 'Veep,' huge tall man bawling like a baby and that was it, I was slayed," Louis-Dreyfus said. "The rest of the week was just nothing but tears, happy tears, but tears because we're a very, very close-knit group of people -- really truly."

"Each day, certain characters would rap out their season and finish and what would happen is everybody came to set," she added. "So the set was packed with over 100 people...to give a hug to whoever it happened to be. It was absolutely bittersweet, but very sweet."

Shortly after "Veep" won an Emmy in 2017, Louis-Dreyfus stunned fans with her announcement that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The star said she is doing well today.

"I'm completely back," Louis-Dreyfus said, adding that she used social media to share her journey as "Veep" stalled production while she sought treatment. "I think I reached a lot of people. I was able to raise a lot of money for women who have had mastectomies, who need reconstruction but insurance doesn't cover that, and I was really happy to be able to do that. The outpouring of support was quite overwhelming."

Louis-Dreyfus said laughter from her kids and "Veep" coworkers was the best medicine as she underwent treatment.

"It helped me get through chemotherapy in a big way," she said.

The final season of "Veep" premieres Sunday on HBO.

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