Katherine Heigl agonizes over how to inform black daughter about George Floyd

"How will I tell Adalaide?"

June 2, 2020, 1:10 PM

In an emotionally raw post, Katherine Heigl detailed her struggle with how to explain George Floyd's death to her children, specifically her black daughter.

"I’ve debated posting this. I don’t typically use my platform or social media to say much when it comes to the state of our country," she began.

"But I can’t sleep. And when I do I wake with a single thought in my head. How will I tell Adalaide?" Heigl, 41, wrote alongside a photo of the 8-year-old daughter she adopted with husband, singer-songwriter Josh Kelley.

The "Grey's Anatomy" alum makes note of her diverse family which includes 11-year-old daughter, Naleigh, whom she and Kelley adopted from South Korea and 3-year-old son Joshua.

She admitted how "naive" and "childish" she was to not realize the "abhorrent, evil despicable truth of racism."

"Hopelessness is seeping in," Heigl said. "Then I look at my daughters. My sister. My nephews and niece. George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. The hundreds, thousands, millions more we haven’t even heard about. I look and the fear turns to something else. The sorrow warms and then bursts into flames of rage."

In a separate post, the "Suits" actress condemned the officers involved in the brutal killing of Floyd and gave her opinion on what justice should look like.

"I want them to pay... I want it to be a painful, irrevocable consequence for their evil acts and behaviors and for those consequences to scare the s--- out of every other racist still clinging to their small, stupid minded hate," Heigl wrote.

"I want him to be an example of what happens to a racist in this country," she added. "All I know is that I want it to end. Today. Forever. Whatever it takes."

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