Katy Perry lounges poolside with Santa in new video for 'Cozy Little Christmas'

Katy Perry's holiday hit came out last year, but she just made a video for it.

Katy Perry's holiday hit "Cozy Little Christmas" came out last year, but she's finally gotten around to making a video for it.

In the clip, Perry, as "Merry Perry, Santa's second wife," welcomes Santa home from his holiday work, and the two take off for a vacation, where they lounge by the pool, sip tropical drinks and even get reindeer massages.

Joining them for the fun are a snowman, reindeer, elf and other holiday pals, who all look like the the stop-motion animated characters in "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" or "Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town."

In other shots, a dark-haired Perry is shown bathing in a giant cocktail glass of what looks like eggnog, and a seemingly drunken housewife is seen with a towering hairdo decorated with Christmas ornaments.

The video release is part of Perry's new campaign, "25 Days of Cozy," in which she promises to unveil something special for fans every day from now until Christmas.