Katy Perry releases first new single in 2 years, 'Never Really Over'

Fans are very excited about the empowering song and video.

May 31, 2019, 7:35 AM

After teasing us with a couple of trailers and a few lyrics, Katy Perry finally shared the full video for "Never Really Over" -- her first solo single in two years -- at 12:01 a.m. Friday.

The colorful, upbeat clip, shot in Malibu, features the "American Idol" judge singing about trying to let go of a past heartbreak, while taking part in various heart-healing rituals, like yoga and acupuncture.

"Two years and just like that, my heart still takes me back," she sings, while standing in the middle of a meadow surrounded by dancers. "It's never really over."

"Never Really Over" is produced by Zedd, with whom she teamed up for "365" back in February.

Perry has said the song is all about learning to heal your heart and let go. She tweeted a clip Thursday, adding the caption, "Let it go."

On Friday she shared a slew of lines from her song, including, "tryin harder every day to accept myself."

Fans on social media were beyond excited for the empowering song.

"Miley Cyrus just liked Katy Perry's instagram post about her announcement of “Never Really Over”. QUEEN SUPPORTING QUEEN!" one fan wrote.

Another added, "girl, u are enough! we love u no matter what!"

Perry's last studio album was 2017's "Witness."