Kelly Clarkson warns fans not to try to kiss her on the cheek when they meet her

Kelly Clarkson shared a message to her fans about her boundaries.

Here's a public service announcement from Kelly Clarkson: if you're ever lucky enough to get the chance to meet her, don't even think about leaning in for a smooch, or even a peck on the cheek.

"Spread the word. I don’t like being kissed on my face when U meet me. Ever. Male or female," the "Voice" coach and newly minted talk show host writes on Twitter.

"I ain’t European y’all. I didn’t grow up doing that. I don’t like it," Clarkson continued. "I don’t know where Ur mouth has been but I know where it’s not gonna end up, & that’s anywhere on my face."

She added, "#MyPSAfortheDay."

That doesn't mean Clarkson wants to cut off all human contact. If you watch her new talk show, you'll see that she doesn't kiss her guests, but she does hug them.

"I love a hug! I just don’t like when people greet me with their lips on my face," she tweeted.

"Not mad at it. Totally get that others are cool with this BUT I am not one of those people. handshakes, cool. High-fives, cool. Fist bumps, cool. Kissing, not cool."