Lady Gaga on stripping 'away the makeup,' becoming raw for 'A Star Is Born'

PHOTO: Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in the drama "A Star is Born," from Warner Bros. Pictures.PlayWarner Bros.
WATCH Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper discuss working together in 'A Star Is Born'

Lady Gaga has taken the world by storm over the past couple of weeks, garnering rave reviews for her performance in "A Star Is Born."

The singer-turned-actor's leading role in the film has even gotten critics and fans alike talking Oscar buzz. The film is also Bradley Cooper's directorial debut.

The duo spoke to E! News about how they leaned on each other while filming this dramatic turn.

"We knew that going into it, we were really going to have to rely on each other because it's scary putting yourself out there to this degree," Cooper, an Oscar-nominated actor, told the outlet.

Gaga took it one step further, saying that she had to be anything but glamorous in this role.

"In a lot of ways I feel like Bradley unveiled me," she said. "It was his idea to strip away the makeup, to go back to my natural hair and for this to be Ally's character."

The film, which already has a 9.2 rating on IMDB, centers around Cooper's character, Jackson Maine, guiding and mentoring a young talent: Gaga's Ally.

Maine is an aging star — one that is consumed by his alcohol addiction.

"I feel honestly completely humbled and grateful to be here sitting next to him," Gaga said about her co-star and director, adding that she had complete "trust" in the artist during filming.

She added, "Just watching him direct, watching him write, watching him write not just the screenplay, but watching him write music for himself, becoming a musician, seeing him create his character, and him guiding me through the process. It was just incredible."

"A Star Is Born" is out nationwide on Oct. 5.