Lance Bass talks 'It's Gonna Be May' memes and NSYNC reunion rumors

Bass stopped by "GMA" in a Timberlake-inspired wig.

It's April 30 and NSYNC's Lance Bass know what that means: "It's Gonna Be MAY!"

Bass stopped by "Good Morning America" Tuesday in a Justin Timberlake-inspired wig in honor of memes about the way Timberlake sang "It's Gonna Be Me" circa 2000.

The chorus of the NSYNC song, which is about trying to get a woman to accept advances, features Timberlake singing the titular line, but the way he pronounces the word "me" sounds more like "may."

So, for the past few years, people have been using the song as a meme, sharing images and tweets inspired by the song, as well as the music video, to celebrate the end of April... as in, when it's about to be May.

"It's a meme world I guess these days," Bass told "GMA" of the viral images. "When we recorded that song, there was no social media, so we had no idea this would happen, and it's funny because we never thought of the way Justin pronounced 'May' before until this meme started going around, so hey, it fits."

Bass said he's come across a number of "It's Gonna Be May" memes but on Tuesday, he posted one on Instagram with a dog wearing Ramen noodles on his head.

"I'm so sorry, Justin," Bass said.

Earlier this month, NSYNC had a reunion sans Timberlake when Ariana Grande brought the group out during the first of her two headlining sets at Coachella.

"She asked us last minute to do it and we're like, 'That probably will never happen.' It's hard to get all of us together in one room but [we] got four of us together and it was a lot of fun," Bass said. "She's incredible. What a talent and she really fit into the group perfectly."

As for a possible NSYNC reunion tour, Bass said, "You know I'm down."

"After Coachella, a lot of offers [are] definitely coming our way, but I have no idea if we're going to do anything," he said. "We shall discuss."

Bass has many other projects in the works including his production of the Lou Pearlman documentary, "The Boy Band Con." He will also appear on ABC's "Single Parents" this week.

"You'll see me running a Lance Bass space camp with a nod to performing arts," Bass said.

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