Laverne Cox speaks out on alleged transphobic attack: 'It was deeply traumatizing'

"If you are a trans person in public your life can be in danger."

Laverne Cox is continuing to speak out about the alleged transphobic attack she recently experienced in Los Angeles.

The "Promising Young Woman" actress said this moment serves as a reminder that violence -- or attempted violence -- against transgender people can happen to anyone, no matter how famous you are.

Cox explained, "It was a reminder for me, even though I'm like 'Laverne Cox, the actress who's on TV,' that if you are a trans person in public your life can be in danger and your safety can be in danger and the safety of people around you can be in danger just being trans in public."

According to a recent report from the Human Rights Campaign, at least 41 transgender or gender non-conforming people have been fatally shot or killed by other violent means this year, the majority of which were Black or Latinx transgender women. This is the highest figure since the organization began tracking this data in 2013.

"People should know that 2020 is the deadliest year on record for transgender people, that more transgender people have been murdered this year than any other year that we've been taking the statistic," Cox said. "So even during a global pandemic, the lives of transgender people are in danger -- and it doesn't matter who you are."

It's her hope, she shared, that people use this opportunity to "question their relationship to gender and policing people's gender in public."

"You shouldn't be unsafe taking a socially distanced walk just because you happen to be trans, wearing a mask and a hoodie trying not to draw attention," Cox added.

The Emmy winner also noted that she has been doing some work on herself during the COVID-19 pandemic in what has been "one of the most difficult years of my life."

Cox said she spends most of her time by herself -- she is single with no boyfriend, doesn't have any pet and lives alone -- so most of the time it's just her and her thoughts, including "negative self-talk" and "shame" that started "creeping in" this year.

"That is an opportunity to really engage with having a good relationship with myself, and it has been messy," she continued. "It's been painful, but it's been really incredible and it's really been a great opportunity for spiritual growth."

"It's been nine months since the first quarantine in March and you can birth a baby in nine months," Cox stated. "You can birth a new you in nine months and I do feel like I'm becoming a new version of myself that I'm really excited about."

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