Lindsay Lohan like you've never seen in new Super Bowl ad with William Shatner

The actress also discussed her engagement.

February 4, 2022, 9:08 AM

Kick off and comeback are a couple of football terms associated with Super Bowl Sunday, and for Lindsay Lohan it will take on a fun new meaning during the big game.

The young starlet has been in the spotlight nearly her entire life and to help put her past to bed and own the mistakes that made headlines along the way, Lohan made fun of it for millions to see.

The actress teamed up with Planet Fitness for the ad during Super Bowl LVI, narrated by William Shatner with a cameo from Dennis Rodman and Danny Trejo, that will embrace the missteps and help her move on, with some humor.

"I was really involved in the concept," Lohan told "Good Morning America" about the creative process. "You have to poke fun at things, bring light to the situation especially because I'm in such a good place to talk about it. This is the final, the final, last time we will go backwards and bring up the past."

Lohan has been a household name since childhood as Annie and Hallie in "The Parent Trap" and Cady Heron of "Mean Girls." But with all the fame came paparazzi and legal trouble. And Lohan said now, she's finally found her peace.

"I think it takes time -- just really a lot of soul searching and taking time for you. And really, a lot of it was change of scenery, people, places and things -- a lot of that made a big difference," she explained. "Not filming for so long and not, you know, making movies for a long time, especially during the pandemic, that really made me appreciate it more and miss it so much more that I knew I was ready to come back."

She added, "I just feel really lucky and blessed."

Lohan gave credit to her daily wellness routine to help her stay grounded.

"We love the physical results of exercise but we forget about the mental wellness side of exercise, you know, stress reduction," she said. "I really take time and make sure -- I have my routine set each day which really is important to me."

Now, with a new movie, her own podcast and a wedding to plan, the actress is excited for the future.

Lohan announced her engagement on Instagram last November and when it comes to the nuptials, she said, "I want to keep it small and intimate and just you know, family focused and just really beautiful."

"I'm a very lucky girl and he's a very lucky man," she added.

Lohan said she will be watching her Super Bowl commercial from home with family as she cheers for the Los Angeles Rams. But even after years on screen, she said she'll probably run away from the TV and then be glued to her chair for the halftime show.