Lizzo reacts adorably to BTS' V dancing to 'About Damn Time'

Fans are calling for a collaboration between the two artists.

July 11, 2022, 4:24 PM

Lizzo may be a superstar in her own right, but she's still a fan of her fellow musicians.

The Grammy winner was thrilled when, over the weekend, she spotted a member of BTS vibing to her latest hit, "About Damn Time."

In a vlog shared to YouTube, BTS member V is shown grooving in his car to various songs, following a trip to the dentist. When Lizzo's new single comes on, he says "I love Lizzo's songs" and starts busting a move in his seat.

"Wait… is this real? Is V really dancing to about damn time?!?" Lizzo wrote on Twitter.

She then posted a side-by-side duet on TikTok of herself and V, mimicking all of his dance moves. She added the hashtag "#VIZZO," causing fans to start calling for a collaboration.

Lizzo has been an outspoken fan of BTS in the past. In September, she posted a video of herself freestyling about the friendship between V and Jimin. In November, BTS member RM hinted that Access Hollywood that Lizzo had a crush on both V and Jimin.