Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal reunite for 30th anniversary of 'When Harry Met Sally'

We'll have what she's having!

We'll have what she's having!

Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal and Rob Reiner reunited Thursday night at the Turner Classic Movies Festival in Hollywood to celebrate three decades since "When Harry Met Sally" first came out in 1989.

They didn't go eat at Katz's Deli but people still enjoyed that scene and more as the film was screened as part of the festival's celebration of the classic romantic comedy.

The film ended up being the prototype for so many similar rom-coms with Sally Albright and Harry Burns being friends first before eventually falling in love. Sound familiar?

Ryan, who made that line, "I'll have what she's having" famous after faking a you-know-what at the famed Katz's in New York City, wore a black suit and black tie for the big occasion. Not to be outdone by her co-star Crystal.

Ryan told the audience during a Q & A portion of the event that the film's success stems from the chemistry between the two stars.

“It’s the kind of music Billy and I knew how to play together,” she told the audience, according to People magazine, who was in attendance.

Back in February, Reiner spoke to Entertainment Weekly and revealed secrets from the set, including how that infamous deli scene finally came to life.

"For the first couple of times, she wasn’t as committed as she was when we eventually got it,” Reiner told the magazine. “She was nervous. In front of extras and the crew and everything, and you’re having to pretend to have an orgasm in front of everybody! She did it half-hearted the first few times. I kept saying, ‘No, you’ve got to really go after it. You’ve got to do it full-out.’ ”

There was also an alternate ending?

"Initially they weren’t going to get together,” Reiner said. “We had it where time goes by, they run into each other in the street…and then they walk in opposite directions. I’d been single for 10 years after having been married for 10 years, and I just couldn’t figure out how it would work again.”