Michael Buble on how his son's fight with cancer changed him

Singer Michael Buble opened up on son's battle with cancer.

Singer Michael Buble’s son, Noah, was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2016 but is now doing well.

His 5-year-old's experience with the disease was traumatizing for the Buble family and is still very painful for the singer to speak about.

But in a recent interview with The Times, the Grammy Award-winning artist discussed how his outlook on life and the entertainment industry shifted after learning about his son’s diagnosis.

"All of the things I thought were such a big deal, like my insecurities, what people think of me, how many will this sell, what will the critics say — they went in a moment. Suddenly all I could think was, 'Why did I ever allow that in? Why didn’t I see that I have all I need right here, that everything else is fluff?'" he told the publication.

“Nothing else matters,” he said.

Noah’s experience also led him to look at himself and the way he was conducting his life.

"Throughout that time I prayed and meditated and promised myself that from now on I would just be real," he told The Times. "I would be real with myself, and with my friends and family. And at the end of the day, I would get to live with those decisions."

He wants it to be Noah’s choice whether he will speak about his battle with cancer.

"One day soon I hope I can leave it all behind and never have to talk about it again," he told the publication. "It is still very painful, obviously. I don’t go into detail because it is not my story, it is my kid’s story, and if he wants to tell it, he will, but put simply."

On Australia's morning program "The Today Show," Buble described how impactful Noah's fight against the disease was.

"What we went through was the worst possible thing that you could hear as a parent, and as maybe a human being," he said. "I much rather it'd been me. I wished... many times I wished that it had been."

With the return of his son's good health, Buble is now back to work. He goes back to his roots and embraces his signature vocal style in his new album "Love," which is out Friday.