Miranda Lambert reflects on past year, her weight loss journey

The country singer is all smiles with a new album.

Miranda Lambert was known in the past for songs about heartbreak and revenge, but the country singer has been all smiles lately with a new album that reflects where she is in her life now.

In a recent Health magazine interview, Lambert candidly opened up about her past year, which included tying the knot with Brendan McLoughlin, an NYPD officer, in January and even overcoming the challenges she’s had with her weight.

"I’ve struggled with ups and downs in weight," Lambert said. "I’ve hit a comfortable place."

Getting there wasn’t always easy for the 36-year-old, who divorced fellow country star Blake Shelton four years ago. The separation was very public for Lambert, who shared that it took a toll on her.

"When everyone’s worried about your personal life, it makes you feel like, 'Well, if you could just spend some of that time talking about my actual art, that would be great!' But I guess I asked for it, getting into this business," she said. "I’m never gonna get used to the public eye in that way."

Although she’s experienced some bumps in the road in the past, there’s been a shift for Lambert. She talked about a fan who was inspired by her and ended up inspiring Lambert right back.

"I had a girl come up to me. She was probably my size and age, and she said, 'I want you to know I threw my scale away because of you, because you’re so confident. I realized my weight is not in a scale; it's in how I feel about myself,'" said Lambert. "That gave me the confidence to be like, 'Whatever state you’re in, you’ve gotta rock it.'"

Now, the country singer has taken steps toward self-care and included dieting and fitness into her routine.

"I’ve been on every diet. Every time I did low-carb, I would gain [the weight] back so quickly," she said. But the singer says she still indulges in cheeseburgers and beers every now and then.

This whole year has been a whirlwind for Lambert and she’s taking it all in stride.

After spending eight months off to get married and enjoy life, her new album, "Wildcard," is the complete antithesis to her previous one.

"I’m definitely celebrating joy a lot more than I have before. I’ve had a pretty amazing journey," she said.