Paul McCartney says he still checks in with John Lennon 'mentally' when writing songs

McCartney also reflected on "singing with my old buddy again" using technology.

August 3, 2023, 10:54 AM

Paul McCartney is opening up about how his late Beatles bandmate John Lennon continues to be on his mind when he writes songs.

McCartney recalled during an interview on the Australian news program 7.30 that "John's input was very important" when they were writing songs together.

"These days, even when I'm writing a song, I will kind of check with him just mentally, you know? 'Does this suck, like I think it does? Right, let's get rid of it. Start again,'" he told host Sarah Ferguson.

"So, I really miss that, and I know he missed contact with me, too," he added.

English Rock and Pop musicians Paul McCartney, left, on bass, and John Lennon, on guitar, perform with the Beatles in Detroit, Aug. 13, 1966.
Douglas Elbinger/Getty Images

Reflecting on the stunning moment at Glastonbury Festival in 2022 when he got to sing with Lennon using technology, McCartney said, "The first time I ever did it was very emotional. And it keeps being emotional because, you know, I'm singing with my old buddy again."

The moment is now included in the singer's Got Back tour, which has wrapped dates in North America and England and heads to Australia this fall.

"And that's really magic, because we really are singing together, even though it's through technology," McCartney said. "So, I've also got to listen to his timing, which is great, because that's exactly how it is when you are live."