Paula Abdul grieves her 2 dogs that died the same week

"So grateful to have been their Mommy."

March 3, 2020, 10:06 AM

Paula Abdul had the excruciating task of bidding farewell to two of her dogs last week, Tinkerbell the Chihuahua and Charity the Yorkie. They died just days apart.

The singer opened up about the devastating heartbreak on Monday.

"This last week, I lost two of my precious angels," revealed the "Straight Up" singer against three photos of her dogs. "A big piece of my heart is missing."

The 57-year-old further honored her loyal companions by writing, "So grateful to have been their Mommy and for all the unconditional love they gave me for all these years. It’s amazing the kind of love a dog provides - it’s truly a gift from God."

Abdul, who has opened her home to numerous small dogs over the years, regularly dotes on her companions and shows them off on Instagram.

Two weeks ago, the former "American Idol" judge posted a video of her cuddling with her little pack on the couch, which featured Charity happily chilling on one of the pillows. "Just call me Dr. Doolittle," captioned Abdul.

The "Opposites Attract" artist, who recently adopted a new Chihuahua named Nemo last month, owns three other dogs: Bessie Moo, Thumbelina and Tulip.