A look at Prince Louis' first days at Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace has released two new photos of Prince Louis taken by Kate.

We're getting our first look at the new prince as he settles into his new home this weekend.

Kensington Palace released two new photos early Sunday of Prince Louis taken by Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge, at Kensington Palace. The image of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis was taken on May 2, her third birthday.

The image of Prince Louis was taken on April 26, three days after his birth.

In a statement Kensington Palace said, "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to share two photographs of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Their Royal Highnesses would like to thank members of the public for all of the kind messages they have received following the birth of Prince Louis, and for Princess Charlotte's third birthday."

Princess Charlotte is seen wearing a hand-me-down sweater from Prince George -- showing the family’s thrifty side and making them more relatable to families around the world. Charlotte is wearing the same sweater George wore with his great grandmother Queen Elizabeth several years ago

The photographs also show Charlotte cradling her little brother and giving him a sweet kiss on the forehead just as George did with Princess Charlotte in similar photographs released by Prince William and Princess Kate after Charlotte’s birth in 2015 at their Anmer Hall home.

Kate, a keen photographer, has taken several photographs of her young children and shared them with the public over the years, including George and Charlotte’s first days at nursery school and Charlotte's first birthday.

The last time the public saw Prince George and Princess Charlotte was the day of Prince Louis' birth. Charlotte gave a confident wave to the crowd while her more shy brother, the future king, was brought by Prince William to see their newborn baby brother shortly after Kate gave birth.