How 'Queer Eye' fashion expert Tan France sparked a 'French tuck' craze

Frances says he sees the French tuck "everywhere" since the season 2 debut.

France, the show’s fashion expert, teaches men on the show how to do the tuck -- in which the shirt is tucked in the front but left loose in the back. At a Travelpro event in New York City on Tuesday, France told ABC Radio he’s shocked by fans’ response to the simple clothing trick.

"Oh my God! It became such a thing!" he said. "It's only been five days. I've had literally thousands upon thousands of people tag me in a French tuck. Who knew?!"

France said he’s been rocking the style since he was a teen and thinks it’s "the perfect way to make you look slightly less sloppy." It seems many people now agree.

"I've been to New York many times and I've always noticed that there aren't that many French tucks around," he said. "[Now] it's everywhere! And people keep stopping me in the street and saying, ‘I'm French tucking for you!’ I'm like, great! That feels wonderful!"

So should we start calling it the Tan France tuck instead? France said he will "happily accept" that change.

"Queer Eye" season two is available on Netflix now.