All the reported details of Jennifer Lawrence's Rhode Island wedding

The food was apparently a highlight of the wedding.

People reports that the ceremony was well-attended by Hollywood elite, including Emma Stone, Amy Schumer, Ashley Olsen, Kris Jenner and Adele. In all, 150 guests celebrated with the happy couple.

However, the guest list isn't what's making the news -- it's the food the happy couple served up during their fantastic reception.

Beyond trays of smoked fish and beef roasting on open fire spits, there were also two food trucks there: Boston's Baddest Burger and Sandwich Company.

The owner of Boston's Baddest Burger Food Truck revealed he had no idea he was catering the event for such a famous client. Kevin Tortorella told People he was told days before the reception to go to a "specific address in Rhode Island." He soon learned he wasn't working a regular gig.

"When I got there, the roads were sidelined with paparazzi, and that’s when I started to be clued in," he said.

The trucks rolled up around 11 p.m. and parked outside the reception, which was held at the famous mansion Belcourt of Newport.