Ryan Reynolds asks photographers not to spoil 'audience joy' with 'Deadpool 3' set shots

"Telephoto lenses continue to spoil surprises..." the actor shared.

December 6, 2023, 12:04 PM

Ryan Reynolds recently shared a plea with photographers not to spoil scenes from "Deadpool 3."

In a candid note shared on his Instagram story, Reynolds wrote, "Surprises are part of the magic of theatrical movies. It's important for us to shoot the new DEADPOOL film in real, natural environments, using practical effects as opposed to making the movie indoors and digitally."

He continued, "Telephoto lenses continue to spoil surprises and create a difficult situation for everyone. Here's hoping some of the websites and social channels hold back from showing images before they're ready."

Reynolds went on the say that the upcoming Shawn Levy-directed film is "built for audience joy," and everyone involved hopes "to preserve as much of that magic as possible for the finished film and the big screen."

"Part of the reason people post spoilers is because they're excited," he added before noting that he can "realize these aren't real world issues and it's firmly in the 'good problems' bucket."

He signed off his note, writing, "I love making this movie."

For his part, Reynolds' co-star Hugh Jackman copied the same note, but crossed out "DEADPOOL" and corrected it to read "What he said, but it's a new WOLVERINE movie."

As reported, Jackman is back in action as fan favorite X-Men member Logan/Wolverine in the third "Deadpool" film, both characters' first foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"Deadpool 3" hits theaters July 26 from 20th Century Studios.

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