Selena Gomez releases new song 'Love On': Watch the music video

"Clock in, baby get to work."

February 23, 2024, 10:36 AM

Selena Gomez just released her first single of 2024, "Love On," and the video features beautiful French vistas, gorgeous clothing and more.

The song is Gomez's invitation to a lover, singing, "Clock in, baby get to work / Night shift but with all the perks / Time stamping when you fell in love / Time can't mess with us."

Later, the "Only Murders in the Building" star turns up the heat with a half-sung, half-spoken section, asking, "Why we conversing over this steak tartare when we could be / Somewhere other than here making out in the back of a car / Or in the back of a bar."

The video begins with a group of couples lined up on a staircase, all kissing each other passionately, as we hear someone whispering in French. Doors then open onto a balcony of a grand hotel overlooking the sea, where Gomez sings while getting her nails done.

The rest of the clip features Gomez frolicking in and out of rooms rocking some fabulous outfits, including a white tutu-style dress she wears while dancing with ballerinas, a rainbow-striped '60s-style number and a gold gown with a giant rosette on the front.

Watch the music video here: