Simon Cowell says he hasn't used his phone for 10 months: It has 'absolutely made me happier'

The music mogul said the decision "has been so good for my mental health."

He may be one of the busiest men in the entertainment industry, but don't expect Simon Cowell to answer the phone or respond to a text from just anyone these days.

The music mogul revealed in an interview with the U.K.-based newspaper The Mail on Sunday, "I literally have not been on my phone for 10 months."

"The difference it made was that I became more aware of the people around me and way more focused," Cowell, 58, is quoted as saying. "It has been so good for my mental health. It's a very strange experience but it really is good for you and it has absolutely made me happier."

Some research suggests spending too much time on your phone may be linked to increased stress and anxiety.

The makers of Apple and Android smartphones may be coming out with new ways to help users curb their phone addictions.

Google revealed last month that its next version of Android software will include an app dashboard, which will show you how much time you spend using your phone and the apps that you used the most. Moreover, the update will feature a timer that will allow you to set restrictions on your daily app usage.

In addition, Apple is reportedly set to announce similar tools today as part of its new software strategy at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California.

Neither Google nor Apple responded to ABC News' request for comment Sunday.

In January, however, Apple was hit with an open letter from investors, urging the tech giant to offer parents more tools to fight against the negative effects of heavy cellphone use. Apple responded in a statement, saying it takes this "responsibility very seriously" and that the company "has always looked out for kids."