'Star Wars'-themed Barbie dolls debut and the force is strong with them

PHOTO: 2019 Star Wars™ Barbie® DollsPlaybarbiemedia.com
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The Force is strong with these Barbies.

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Barbie just announced a collaboration with "Star Wars" and revealed a new line of Barbie dolls that pays homage to "Star Wars: A New Hope" with some fashionable flair.

The three new collectible dolls are modeled after iconic characters, Princess Leia, Darth Vader and R2-D2, but accessorized with some high fashion twists.

Princess Leia has on an elegant white gown, silver jewelry and her signature space buns restyled into a modern up-do.

PHOTO: Star Wars™ Princess Leia x Barbie® Doll Barbiemedia.com
Star Wars™ Princess Leia x Barbie® Doll

The designer behind the collection, Robert Best, detailed how he kept signature elements from the character to make her recognizable while adding a glamorous touch.

"I also wanted to make sure Leia's confidence shined through," he said in an interview with the Barbie blog. "I took the hairstyle (that might be one of the most recognizable of all time) and added braids and volume as well as lowering the placement. For the gown I really wanted to amp up the glamour but still keep it relatively clean and simple. We created a stunning white gown with dramatic cape-like sleeves, highlighted with the silver corset belt, necklace and cuffs adding a cool touch of shine and texture."

Darth Vader is rocking some killer shades with a shiny leather dress, a large cape and a clutch that resembles the Sith Lord’s breastplate.

PHOTO: Star Wars™ Darth Vader x Barbie® Doll Barbie
Star Wars™ Darth Vader x Barbie® Doll

R2-D2 reps a geometric style with a bomber jacket, a dome skirt, thigh-high boots, a striking blue ponytail, "radar eye detail" and a clutch that looks a bit like his pal C-3PO.

PHOTO: Star Wars™ R2D2 x Barbie® Doll Barbie
Star Wars™ R2D2 x Barbie® Doll

Best, called the line a "dream collaboration."

"Barbie and Star Wars are cultural phenomena like no others and so it’s exciting to bring these two worlds together. I also think it might be an unexpected collaboration and I love that," Best said.

The dolls are priced at $100 each and are scheduled for release on Nov. 18.

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