Why Stevie Nicks' Rock & Roll Hall of Fame exhibit features a dress she hates

You can check out the exhibit at Cleveland's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame museum.

Fans of Stevie Nicks can check out a new exhibit that celebrates her induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Among the items in the exhibit, which runs until March 2020 at Cleveland’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame museum, is a pink dress Stevie wore -- and disliked.

Speaking to reporters at the ceremony, Stevie said of the dress, "It's one of...[what] I call the Easter egg colors. It's the pink outfit. Because there was about a year when the whole witchcraft thing was coming in, and it freaked me out, 'cause I was getting some really wacko mail from people, and I said, 'I'm not wearing black.'"

She continued, "So for a year I had Margi, my designer, make some pastel colors. And of course I hated that! It was like, 'Ugh, I hate this, but I'll do this for a while to see if I can...calm this thing down. And then a year later I just said, 'Black is skinny. I'm wearing the black for the rest of my life, so take your witchcraft somewhere else!'"

Nicks has long been associated with witchcraft because of her music, particularly her 1975 hit "Rhiannon," and her signature look.

Nicks did admit, however, that the pink dress was "beautiful."

Also on display are some song lyrics, the tambourine she's holding on the cover of her first solo album, "Bella Donna," and the gown she wore in her video for "The Sorcerer."

If you want to see Stevie's outfits live in person, you can check her out with Fleetwood Mac, whose North American tour runs through April 15.