Tina Fey admits she 'screwed up' 'Saturday Night Live' sketch on Charlottesville

The comedian regrets her sketch about Charlottesville.

Instead of getting angry or feeling "powerless" by what happened, Fey, 47, suggested that viewers instead eat cake.

"I encourage all good sane Americans ... don't show up," she said. "Let these morons scream into the empty air."

"You try your best, you try to have your eyes open, try to be so mindful, but it’s also a fast-moving train," she told the former late-night host. "I felt like a gymnast who did like a very solid routine and broke her ankle on the landing. Because it’s literally within the last, I think, two or three sentences of the piece that I chunked it."

Fey continued, "And I screwed up, and the implication was that I was telling people to give up and not be active and to not fight. That was not my intention, obviously."

Fey, meanwhile, told Letterman that because she's not on social media, she had no idea of the backlash her sketch was getting until friends messaged her with concern. Fey even thought about joining Twitter to address the backlash but decided against it.

If she could write the sketch again, Fey said she'd end it by saying, “Fight them in every way except the way that they want.”

“But I didn’t write that in time,” she admitted. “I wrote that two days later as I was pacing in my house.”

Despite public and personal criticism, Letterman said that he thought the sketch was "perfect" and “beautifully performed."

Fey also explained why she never apologized for hurting some of her fans.

"I have decided that the culture of apology is not for me, so what I do is I promise, I swear to God, anyone who has met me, I hear you and I will learn ... but I am also not going to stop trying," she said.

In fact, in a 2015 interview with Net-a-Porter, she said she refuses "to explain jokes."

"I feel like we put so much effort into writing and crafting everything, they need to speak for themselves," she continued. "There’s a real culture of demanding apologies, and I’m opting out of that."