'Uncle' Luke Bryan plans to turn Katy Perry's daughter into a 'country girl'

He said he has "multiple gifts" for Daisy Dove.

September 16, 2020, 1:41 PM

Although they may not be related by blood, Luke Bryan says Katy Perry being a part of the extended "American Idol" family is reason enough for him to become her newborn daughter's favorite uncle.

Speaking with "Entertainment Tonight" on Tuesday, the "One Margarita" singer laid out his seemingly flawless plan to ensure little Daisy Dove becomes a "country girl."

"I have multiple gifts for this child that require massive packaging and boxing," laughed Bryan before urging Perry to "get ready!"

Beyond showering Daisy with gifts, the 44-year-old added, "Whatever she needs to be a country girl, outdoor girl, I've got it all going to Katy and Orlando [Bloom]."

The ACM Award nominee seemed confident he'll successfully convert Daisy because "Uncle Luke's got it handled."

Bryan added that while he hasn't had the opportunity to meet Perry's new baby face-to-face, the new mom virtually shared a few photos of her newborn with him.

"I got to see my first pictures of that beautiful human being," he grinned, adding that he "can't wait to see her in person."

Luke Bryan and wife, Caroline, captured the special moment
Luke Bryan and wife, Caroline, captured the special moment

Bryan believes he doesn't have to wait that long for their first meeting either, predicting that Perry will "be bringing her around the 'Idol' set" because she's one "proud" momma.

Beyond revealing his plan to become Daisy's favorite uncle, the "Play It Again" singer confirmed that all the judges will "be in person together" on "American Idol" when it returns.

He also revealed exactly how he views his fellow judges, saying they're "one big happy, crazy family giving Lionel [Richie] anxiety."